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Raging Pencils by Mike "Anno domini" Stanfill

Snacking on Jesus.

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I Am Bic Pentameter

Beauty contestBack in 2006 I entered an online contest, the theme of which was to sum up the previous year as entertainingly as possible. The Grand Prize was a brand-spanking new Apple Powerbook.

I came in second place. Not unlike the Monopoly Game "Beauty Contest" I earned a whopping $25.

Needless to say, I quickly inquired if the contest had a morals clause. After all, you never know. Grand Prize Boy might have some scandalous photos in his past. As it turned out, no one cared. I think I splurged and spent all my winnings on anal lube.

I had completely forgotten about the contest until I recently chanced upon it in an ancient email. And not being the kind of guy who'd pass up a perfectly good opportunity for personal sloth I present it to you as today's slightly outdated Rant:

2006: The Year of the Unamused Muse

Did OJ really do it and did Tom Cruise really screw it
Can dancing penguins beat the Pixar cars?
Will Obama topple Hillary, should Hilton end up pilloried
Can George Bush be the first man sent to Mars?

Santa hollered "Wii-Wii-Wii!" when he ran out of PS3's
And new Apples proudly state "Intel Inside".
Ken Lay neatly faked the Big One, oy gavalt meshuganah Gibson
And gas prices enjoyed a roller-coaster ride.

Snakes flew the friendly skies while the Democrats yelled "Surprise!"
And blacks think Michael Richards' not-so droll
Google's stock accellerated while Allen macaca-tated
And the Steelers stole the XL Super Bowl.

LonelyGirl15 had faked it, while the iPod shake-and-baked it
And the market had collapsed for new abodes
Foley folded over pages, Pastor Haggard rocked the ages
But Terri Schaivo's sweet Prince Charming never showed.

Global warming's liquidation caused polar bear elimination
While Cheney's lawyer-hunt caused schadenfreude
Zune's squirting mostly fizzled, net neutrality was for shizzle
And gushing profits Exxon CEO's enjoyed.

Pluto found itself occluded when new rules were instituted
Superman and Lois Lane had gotten busy
Grandpa Munster and Barney Fife now star the afterlife
And Borat Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

The year of zero six had its share of vicious licks
The kind we hope that Stephen King will take a pass.
So with keen anticipation and not a little excitation
Let's see in zero seven who takes it up the ass.


end rant

Bonus Holy-Rolling
Yes, batshit insanity is a dominant gene.

Extra Deluxe Far Sidey Bonus Fabulousness

martin perscheid cartoon
Ladies and gentlemen, German cartoonist Martin Perscheid.

Raging Pencils salutes the Mystery Reader of
Toulouse, France
Whoever you are, thanks for reading my crappy little 'toon.

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Today's Google Chow.
Priest, to nun:
"Look, sister, there's no harm in snacking on the occasional communion wafer, but knocking back the Eucharist along with chianti and fava beans is, well, just plain icky."