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Raging Pencils by Mike "Lefty" Stanfill

Why we'll never have talking dogs.

Exactly why we'll never breed dogs that talk.

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kevinI finally got to relax with Beloved Girlfriend this past weekend and watch my birthday copy of "Up". That's Pixar's "Up", not Disney's "Up". Fuck Disney and the mouse they rode in on.

I'd seen the movie twice already in theatres, once in 3-D to no demonstrably superior effect, and it's still delightful even on the relatively tiny screen. Though I have to admit knowing about Kevin kinda takes a little magic off of his arrival. And there's some slim connection between the movie and today's RP cartoon, but it was completely unintentional. At least I think it was. I'll check with my analyst.

Anyhoo, the thing I wanted to rant about was the DVD... because what I watched was a DVD.

Y'see, all the advertising for the movie was trumpeting the BluRay aspect of the release, but every single package of the movie, and there were three separate versions, supplied the movie as a standard DVD. Only the extra features were on BluRay. This made the whole process of finding the right version needlessly complicated if you weren't aware of this and I'm really, REALLY cheesed that there wasn't an option which offered the extra features in standard DVD format.

(My miffedness was mollified somewhat by a coupon that dropped the cost of the 4-disc set to $10. How do they make a decent profit on that?)

So now I've got the four-disc set, two discs of which are BluRay and each are about as useful and welcome as tartar buildup. I will someday purchase a BluRay player but, to be honest, I remember the HD-DVD debacle and all I gotta say is the damn things better be cheap when the time comes to put the present DVD player, old Betsy, out to pasture.


end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

Dog talking to its master.

Dog: "... and then I ate my own vomit again. Can you believe that? Hey, did you know I urinated on 27 bushes this morning without stopping? That's a record or something! Oh, I solved the grand unification theory. By the way, the Johnson's Pekingese is in heat again. I am intoxicated by the aroma from her anal sacs. Are you listening?"

Master (thinking): "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"