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Hand Jive

My father used to read the National Enquirer but I never understood why. It was clear to me, even as an undistinguished 12-year-old kid, that the stories of aliens and ESP and two-headed monsters feeding on babysitters were total malarkey. It was hard not to notice that neither the daily paper nor Walter Cronkite ever led the news with breathless details of Elvis returning from the grave with revelations about Jimmy Hoffa.

The National Enquirer these days, though, is a different animal. It's become pure right-wing political propaganda, the print analog of Fox News. Here's a recent cover.

Is this really what every shopper should have to endure while waiting as the Super-Shopper at the head of the line digs through her cat food coupons? The Enquirer's sort of "journalism" serves no purpose other than to adversely warp the low-information voter's world-view. More than that, it's stupid, and I'm getting really tired of all the stupid in this country.

I've already contacted my local grocers through both FaceBook and their corporate web site contacts asking them to note what the Enquirer has become and to reconsider wasting shelf space on it. (I remind them that surely there are more nutritional, and profitable, replacements for it on the impulse items shelves.) I encourage you, dear reader, to do the same if for no other purpose than obliterate a small segment of the conservative propaganda machine.

I guarantee you that if enough people say "ENOUGH" they will listen.


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