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The Right's Wrong Right

Today is Day Seventeen of "Is It 2020 Yet?" month here at Raging Pencils. Today's 'toon hails from July 5, 2013.

Believe it or not, it's rather frustrating finding a suitable cartoon to reprise as first I find a good one, then I find a better one, and then I find one that's super-duper-killer-awesome... and yet I know there's a even better one out there somewhere.

Yeah, I know. First-world problem. Boo-hoo.


King Tinymittens is whining again, this time before House leaders, that five million "illegal" votes cost him the popular vote. And yet, he's perfectly content with the knowledge that foreigners helped swing the election his way.

At face value this claim is utter lunacy but the intended goal is to mollify his moron voters who, in their tiny, meth-addled brains, just can't understand why he didn't win 100% of the vote like gawd intended.


For the record:

Number of Facebook Friends Unfriended This Week: 3


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