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Dinosaur Jokes

Today is Day Seven of my "Raging Pencils Grab-Your-Pussy-Do-Si-Do", a look back at classic RP 'toons while your master of ceremony engages in low-cal free-form navel-gazing.

This particular 'toon is from August 8, 2011.


I hear people are rushing to buy big cars again.

Pardon me for thinking climate change is real but this is the same short-sided mentality that put Groper McSnatchalot in the White House.


Trump's son-in-law is going to be his Senior White House advisor.

I'm guessing this means he tells Trump how to access his AOL account.


Trump mocks a disabled reporter during the campaign and then, last night, Meryl Streep calls him out for being a classless turnip. Trump, in several misspelled tweets, responds that he never ever-ever swears on a stack of Bibles mocked a reporter. (He did.)

Whoever had 6:20AM wins the pool today.


The following is a very embarrassing consumer tip:

I have checked my credit score exactly once in my life, on the 17th of November, 2016, and I used an online company called Transunion. They charged me a token $1 to receive the credit check, which I knew about, but they ALSO very covertly auto-enrolled me in their monthly credit protection system at $20-a-month.

This problem has since been resolved.

Transunion. Fuck these guys.


I'm hoping that at today's security hearing FBI director James Comey explains, in some satisfactory way, just what the fuck he was thinking by raising questions about Hillary Clinton's emails ten days before the election.

Otherwise, I hope he's afflicted with the sort of devastating biological malfunction that would make even David Lynch flinch.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

How did the dinosaurs die?
Paleontologist: A massive asteroid struck the Earth causing worldwide devastation.
Creationist: The almighty god sent a great flood to punish the wicked. A single man collected all the animals of the earth onto a great boat and they were thus saved but all of the dinosaurs drowned.
Cameronist: Skynet mistakenly sends a cyborg 63 million years into the past, so it wipes out all the dinosaurs in an effort to eliminate the gene pool of the one destined to destroy him.
Creationist: Dude, do we...?
Paleontologist: Yes, that's exactly how you sound.