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Snakes Everywhere

I just finished a book called "Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes", written by master of linguistics Daniel L. Everett. The book relates his 30 years in the Amazon living among, and learning the language of, a very primitive tribe of people called the Piraha (pronounced pah-dee-hah). He had been sent there as a missionary to translate the Bible into the Piraha language so as to help bring them the word of God.

The Piraha, however, practiced no religion, worshipped no gods, and so were never convinced to accept the story of Christ. In the end, Everett saw that they had a point and (spoiler alert) eventually renounced his own faith even though he knew it would destroy his marriage. Which it did.

The book is most entertaining when describing Everett's jungle experiences but it tends to get a bit wonky when he's explaining the "intricacies" of the Piraha language. Still, many thumbs up."

One final note: I have never read a library book, this particular copy being available only eight years, that was so thoroughly decorated with underlines, notes, asides, and, occasionaly, little hearts. Someone down the line REALLY liked this book.


As for today's cartoon, I do could with fewer carcinogens and radioactive materials forced into the groundwater. How about you?


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